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About Us

Black Nerds Create (formerly Black Girls Create) is a collective that provides content through a lens of critical and creative fandom, in order to advocate for and contribute to meaningful representation in media for Black folks specifically, and systemically marginalized people in general.

Our Fandom Is…

CRITICAL – We believe that celebrating the media we love includes critiquing them. Art isn’t perfect, and the creators who make them have their own biases. Practicing critical fandom means calling out what may not work or be problematic just as much as it means shouting out what we love.

CREATIVE – We believe that all nerds can be creative! Fans create headcanons, video edits, fan fiction, fan art, and original work inspired by the media we consume. Creativity both within and inspired by fandom should be celebrated and encouraged, especially by Black folks.

FUN – We believe that fandom should be fun! This means creating a safe space for marginalized fans to engage joyfully, critically, and creatively without the threat of bad actors. 

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