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NPR – Black Hermione by Alexandra Starr
BBC World – Black Hermione by Sarah Holmes
The Establishment – Johnny Depps entry into FBAWTFT is a disgrace by Claudia Morales
Buzzfeed – Harry Potter Fandom at a crossroads by Alana Bennett
Bello Collective – First Best Podcasts of 2017
USA Today – ‘Dumbledore’s Army’: How ‘Harry Potter’ inspired a generation of young activists by Hannah Yasharoff
The Guardian -‘Too touchy-feely’? Our panel on Jodie Whittaker’s first series of Doctor Who
QNews Hub – What J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Views Could Mean for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Franchise — and ‘Harry Potter’ Fans by Shreya Bhatt
Bookstacked – The Harry Potter fandom: What’s next for trans fans and allies? by Saul Marquez
Stop Everything! ABC Radio National – (Doctor) Who is she?
Variety – What J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Views Could Mean for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Franchise — and ‘Harry Potter’ Fans


Nerds of Color
The Librarian Is In Podcast – “Hermione Was Black. Dumbledore Was Gay.” The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 36 (Robyn & Bayana)
Reality Bomb
Your Biggest Fangirl – Episode 50: The Magical Ladies We Fangirled Over at LeakyCon Boston – Part 2 (Bayana, Connie, Porshea)
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Heart + Hustle #116 – Life as a Writer ft. Connie Gibbs of Black Girls Create
Hard NOC Life: Zoom NOC Life
That’s What I’m Tolkien About
Doctor Who: Verity! Extra! – Fan Activism w/ Robyn Jordan
Sartorial Geek of the Week: Constar24
Meddling Adults – The Case of the Ghost’s Dry Cleaning Bill w/ Bayana Davis & Robyn Jordan
The Gayly Prophet
Sailor Moon Fan Club Ep. 37 – Black Girls Create Editor & Whovian Constance Gibbs
Goblet of Wine Ep. 61 – Order of the Phoenix 10 & 11: Umbridge’s Femininity ft. #WizardTeam
Pod and Prejudice
The Moment Pod – 3.06 – Let me take it from the top. Hello, I’m the Doctor. (Delia)
Into the Archives: A Fanfiction Podcast – Bonus Episode 1.5: Beginning Your Fanfiction Journey with Delia Gallegos

Mentions & Blog Posts

The Code – Listen Up: Wizard Team, A Harry Potter Podcast
Fanatical Fics
She Lit – Black Fantasy YA Authors Discuss How They Are Revolutionizing the Genre
  • 8 Apr 2020
Rebecca Farren Blog
The Nerd Daily – 9 Harry Potter Podcasts To Check Out
Winter is Coming – Eddie Redmayne: Both Sides of J.K. Rowling Debate Behave in “Disgusting” Ways