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Black Nerds Create (formerly Black Girls Create) is a collective that provides content through a lens of critical and creative fandom, in order to advocate for and contribute to meaningful representation in media for Black folks specifically, and systemically marginalized people in general.

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Black Nerds Create Community

The Black Nerds Create Community is a place for substantive but easily accessible conversations that lead to creative inspiration. We strive for this to be a safe space for Black folks first and foremost, but everyone interested in critical fandom and exploring their creativity is welcome.

other content

The Obsidian Archives include blog posts, critical essays, fan fiction, and creator highlights, and past programming put on by BNC, contributors, and community.
The Kuumba Kickback celebrates fandom and creation while centering the experiences and interests of people of color. Held in 2020 and 2021, the Kickback included panels, ancillary events, and an Artists’ Alley!



An expansion of our Doctor Who journeys through Time and Relative Blackness in Space, #TARBISTalks explores stories and media that center Black people in science fiction. Check out the tag and join us for our weekly Twitter Spaces conversations around The Man Who Fell To Earth in partnership with Showtime!