The Plot Thickens: This Wicked Fate

Concluding a series with just as much anticipation as it started with is an endeavor not all creators have negotiated well yet, true to what I’ve come to expect from author Kalynn Bayron, this is nothing readers of This Poison Heart’s sequel—and end of duology—This Wicked Fate have to fear. 

Readers are thrust directly into the action where This Poison Heart left off and protagonist, Briseis, learns that she must set off on a journey to change the fate that she and her family were so cruelly handed for centuries. Before she sets off, Briseis is supported by a team of family members and a love interest, Marie, whose varied relationships inform how they help Briseis prepare for a journey that none will return from unscathed. You can be sure that this trip involves a lot of lethal botanicals ready to take out mere mortals at a deep whiff along with a few mythological faces that change the course of the Colchis family’s journey and their future as well. 

Always down for an adventurous romp, I thoroughly enjoyed This Wicked Fate from its twists and turns, spending as much time showing what goes into attempting an impossible quest, to the heartfelt development of Bri’s relationships with new family members. Return readers will not be disappointed in how Bayron wraps up this breathtaking tale. I look forward to what the author shares with the world next.