The Plot Thickens: The River of Silver

It’s hard to think of anything more gratifying than authors being just as consumed by the worlds they’ve built as their legions of readers are. When it comes to the mega-hit Daevabad series, this phenomenon is resoundingly true for me and other members of Black Nerds Create’s Daevabad fandom. Our group chats can attest for our gushing remarks for the atmospheric and compelling narratives we’ve fallen into with each book release. So when I gained access to The River of Silver—a compilation of cut scenes from the series—I knew a review on The Plot Thickens was in order. 

Rather than spoil the goodies that S. A. Chakraborty serves in her chronologically compiled return to Daevabad, I’ll devote this post to listing the chapter titles—usually the POV character for the short story in its duration—as well as the vibes. In The River of Silver we receive the following: 

  1. Chapter One: Manizheh
    • Nothing you don’t know, but it provides a view into her mindset if nothing else
  2. Chapter Two: Duriya
    • A brief encounter with a romance of great importance to this series
  3. Chapter Three: Hatset
    • Finally a glimpse into the view of a person who’s seen what she needed to see
  4. Chapter Four: Muntadhir
    • Was there ever a prince so tragic?
  5. Chapter Five: Jamshid
    • A story in which we come to understand that Jamshid never stood a chance
  6. Chapter Six: Dara
    • An amusing recounting of some choice moments
  7. Chapter Seven: Jamshid
    • Insight into the marriage of convenience that should’ve never been
  8. Chapter Eight: Ali
    • A lovelorn prince + damsel in distress + a dangerous mission = a romp to remember
  9. Chapter Nine: The Scout
    • Scouts seeking safe haven learn to mind their manners, the hard way
  10. Chapter Ten: Nahri
    • We see the lengths Nahri will go to in order to be a good healer
  11. Chapter Eleven: Ali
    • At least his interactions with the gods are just as confusing for him as they are for us?
  12. Chapter Twelve: Zaynab
    • Wherein we see a baddie step into her power
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Muntadhir
    • Profound sadness for the tragic prince
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Alternate Epilogue
    • Daevabad’s Blue Ivy Carter returns to grace us with her best
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Nahri
    • Definitely the part of the story you thought you would see

Overall, Chakraborty makes ample use of this opportunity to return to the beautiful world of her own making by enveloping the reader in the charged tales of the series’ most prolific changemakers. If you’re into the Daevabad series, adding this book to your collection is a MUST.

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