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BNC podcasts discuss and dissect some of our favorite media through our lens as Black fans and creators. You can find our podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Spotify, and more!

The Plot Thickens

The Plot ThickensIn a world where new books by BIPOC writers are released every day, choosing your next read can be overwhelming. Allow us to give you some thicc plot suggestions! Curated and written by story-obsessed Porshèa, you’ll find a bevy of fantasy, non-fiction, and some romance recommendations in Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult categories. Like what you see, you can purchase a copy at our Bookshop!

Word to the wise: Porshèa’s preferences are fast-paced, adventurous, and somewhat dark tales with a lot of love for fairytale retellings. We try to place content warnings where appropriate, but please reach out if you read a recommendation that needs warnings we may have overlooked.


Social Campaigns


An expansion of our Doctor Who journeys through Time and Relative Blackness in Space, #TARBISTalks explores stories and media that center Black people in science fiction. Check out the tag and join us for our weekly Twitter Spaces conversations around The Man Who Fell To Earth in partnership with Showtime!


#TolkienBlackFolks is a spin-off of BNC Presents: Tolkien Black Girls, where hosts Bayana, Connie, Delia, and DJ discuss Amazon’s The Rings of Power series. It was originally hosted on Twitter Spaces as an aftershow during the season 1 release. You can check out the recordings on the BNC Presents feed on your favorite podcast app. The hashtag was created to highlight Black folks in the Lord of the Rings fandom. Use #TolkienBlackFolks on social media to drop LOTR/Tolkien references, fanart, and to find community.



The Quick Quills Writing Sprint was designed to help you get words on the page! An event hosted either on Twitter or YouTube, Quick Quills included dedicated time to write, discuss projects with fellow writers, and gas each other up. Check out our Quick Quills Resource and write along with previous Quick Quills Lives!


Black Wizard History Month is a celebration of Black magical characters, stories, and fans. Join us throughout the month of February for a social media challenge, book recommendations, and more magical content!

Kuumba Kickback

The Kuumba Kickback celebrates fandom and creation while centering the experiences and interests of people of color. Held in 2020 and 2021, the Kickback included panels, ancillary events, and an Artists’ Alley!

The Obsidian Archives

The Obsidian Archives include blog posts, critical essays, fan fiction, and creator highlights, and past programming put on by BNC, contributors, and community. Take a trip through time and peruse through BNC’s past content and programming!